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              About us


              Zhongshan Weiss Granville's cleaning supplies Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Sun Zhongshan hometown -- Zhongshan City, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, is a specialized cleaning products company, has its own unique brand, the main products include: PA cleaning agent, cleaning agent, kitchen floor care crystalline powder, laundry washing liquid and washing powder.

              Wei's company has always been committed to create a more clean, more healthy in the future, in the cleaning and hygiene products and solutions on the depth and breadth of expertise hasincomparable. We also have a high-quality, high-quality sales team, always to a high standard offirst-class yourself, everything is the concept of service to customers, we are able to meet the special requirements of our service industry, from food service industry, hotel industry,healthcare, retail, food processing industry and building cleaning industry. Our experienceenables us to become the national hygiene solutions leader, in the industry with high quality,strict requirements and improve tracking service management to obtain the high reputation of our customers.

              We are committed to continuously provide clean new programs, and development of new products to meet your specific needs. Cleaning and hygiene solutions Weishi company includingkitchen hygiene, laundry, room, building maintenance and personal care. Our scheme involving health security consulting, chemical products, distribution system, staff training and maintenanceservices.

              Be strict in one's demands of quality, professional and sincere service, sincere cooperation isWei's positive people working concept.

              Exhibition Preview

              We are committed to continue to provide new cleaning solutions, develop new products to meet your specific needs.

              About Us

              Zhongshan City, Granville's Cleaning Products Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful hometown of Sun Yat-sen - Zhongshan City, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation, is a professional cleaning company, with its own unique brand, the main product line includes: PA cleaners, kitchen dishwashing detergent, floor care crystalline powder, laundry detergent and washing powder.

              Get in Touch with Us

              Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, Guangdong Province, east of Grand Central district No. 24 North Central River

              TEL:+86 760-8993 3698

              FAX:+86 760-8993 3000


              Copyright © 2013 ZhongShanShi Weiss cleaning supplies Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved. weiss Copyright
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